The prices included here are primarily for reference purposes only.  The actual rates will depend upon Content, Structure, Features, and Purpose of your site.  As stated on the Services Page, YOU are in the driver's seat.  Your Web Site will be constructed to your exact specifications at a price that will fit your budget.  That's what Custom Web Site building is all about.


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Site Elements

Standard Site Inclusions (see Services page)

$300.00 Flat Rate

Unit Pricing - Site Elements

Domain Registration (2 years) each Domain

$20.00 to 70.00

Site Publishing

$30.00 each

Site Changes

$45.00 per hour

MX Record Split

$60.00 each

Setup Additional E-mail POP Accounts

$10.00 each

Photography (our region - 2 hour minimum)

$40.00 per hour

Flash Movies (2 hour minimum)

$45 - $80 per hour

Unit Pricing - Page Elements

Additional Page Development

$100.00 per page

Page Redesign (existing customer discount)

$80.00 per page

Professional Copy Editor Services

$100.00 per page

Table Creation per 30 cells


Page Changes - per page per

$20.00 to $50.00

Custom Entry Page


Site Map


Animated Text

$20.00 each

Unit Pricing - Graphics

All Custom Graphics Design, Layout & Correction

$45.00 per hour

Image Scanning (up to 8"x10")

$15.00 each

Image Scanning above 8"x10"

Call for quote

GIF Animation

$45.00 per hour

Custom Image Maps (up to 10 "hot spots")

$60.00 each

3D Animation Services

Call for quote

Flash Movies

$80.00 per hour

CGI & Scripting

JAVA Scripting

$80.00 per hour

Search Form

$45.00 each

Custom Form Design - $120.00 per page plus >>

$8.00 per field

Additional Hit Counters

$15.00 each

Tell-A-Friend, Newsletter, Guest Book, Post Card

$100.00 each

Active Server Pages (VB Scripting)

$80.00 per hour


E-Commerce Setup (Shopping Cart)


E-Commerce Inventory Items Inclusion

$2.00 each item

E-Store (single Merchant)

$500.00 & up

E-Mall (20 Merchant)

$5,000.00 & up


Search Engine Submission Setup


Monthly Search Engine Re-Submission



Database Input - Already Prepared

$70.00 per hour

New Database Development

$75 - $95 per hour


All ArcByte IT Services

$75.00 per hour

Network Topologies

Call for quote

All Prices are subject to change without notice.

For more information or to place an order, call and ask for ArcByte Sales.
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