Here is a small selection of 3D images that we have created over the last year or so as stills or parts of animations. They are included for the sole purpose of your enjoyment and they are copyrighted. So, we would appreciate it if you simply take a look and not copy the images. If you would like to refer back to some of our earlier work, go to the "Gallery" section of one of our sister sites, MacPharlane's Lantern Multimedia Group, and refresh your memory. Take your time and enjoy!

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Voyage Dolphins The Meeting POChz.jpg (108310 bytes)

The Voyage

Dolphins The Meeting The Power of...
Frog Life The Heights The End of the Beginning Big Rig
Frog Life The Heights New Beginning Big Rig
Hunted Just Talking New MLM Logo idea A Train in Winter
Hunted Just Talking MLM Logo idea Train in Winter

All of the images here were created by Ian McFarland & Tom McCann.
Copyright 1999-2002. All rights reserved.


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