Dear Site Visitors,

Over the last year or so, some folks have suggested to me that I should have a page on our site that gives people a quick rundown of what we do. As a result, I have created this page to do just that as well as having a small forum for letting our clients know what's up. So, for this first missive, I'm going to be relatively brief.

Simply put, ArcByte is one of the best full service Internet development companies on earth. Bold statement? Yes! We may be small and you won't see a bunch of glitzy ads on TV, but we have as much ability and diversity as the big guys. What's more, when you call us, you get to speak to the people who are actually doing the work. You won't get run through a load of push-button options. You won't have to talk to some person who doesn't really care about your project. You talk to the real deal.

With ArcByte, you get custom, individualized product at unbelievably low prices. We bend over backwards to give you more than you asked for so that you are completely satisfied. We've done this so often that we've actually lost money on some projects. I've seen message boards on the Internet accusing us of being too expensive and complaints about us not offering "special deals". Well, these folks just didn't look at our site in its entirety, that's all.  Check out our "Specials" page to see what's being offered.

Anyway, here's what we do in a nutshell:

Web Site Design XML, ASP, CFM, JSP, PSP Full Multimedia
Web Hosting Custom Programming Audio & Video
Web Mail C, C++, Visual C++ Databases
Web Stores & Malls Assembly, Fortran, Lingo Oracle, MS SQL, My SQL
Secure Shopping Carts Legacy Migration Paradox, Access
CGI Script COBOL, Pascal System Consulting/Design
Java Script Computer Graphic Art Networked Servers
VB Script 3D Art & Animation WAN's & LAN's
Action Script Lightwave, StudioMax Server Co-Location

Here are some things we've done that you can't see.

  • Virginia Dept. of Corrections - Y2K COBOL Remediation

  • Med E-Com - Migrate old Paradox database to
    Oracle 8.05 with Java web interface and a
    complete reporting system using Crystal Reports.

  • Big Change Networks - Database Migration MS SQL, Configure
    Web & Database Servers, Y2K Fixes

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) - CBT Pilot

  • - Web Site featuring artificial intelligence
    API in Visual C++; Configure Web, Application, and Database Servers

General Pricing:

For custom Web work, we generally charge anywhere from $100.00 to $150.00 by the page (not by the hour) depending upon content and coding. For graphics creation, we average $40.00 per hour. Flash work, $45.00 to $80.00 per hour depending on coding and complexity. WBT's & CBT's using Director, Authorware, or ToolBook II are charged by the Run-Time Minute and are quoted by the project. Same for 3D work. Custom programming and software development are $95.00 per hour. Databases run $75.00 to $95.00 per hour - Access and My SQL being lower and MS SQL and Oracle being higher. Large, upscale projects are quoted on an individual basis and always begin with a Discovery Phase which is charged at $75.00 per hour - our regular Consulting Fee. Web Hosting starts at $9.95 per month and Dial-Up Internet Access starts at $16.95 per month. Broadband solutions and managed server co-location services are also available. Reasonable prices by anyone's standards.

So, there you have it. We have a great team here that can fulfill all of your Internet and computing needs, and, we stand firmly behind our work. Our people run the gamut from computer scientists to graphic artists to musicians, financiers, programming geeks, and even an aerospace engineer. And, just think, you didn't have to click through a million pages to find all this out.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I will be updating this space as often as time and circumstance allow. I sincerely hope that you will seriously consider us for you next project, or, if you're unhappy with what you have, give us the chance to make it better for you.

Give us a call. You'll be glad you did.

Best regards,

Ian R. McFarland
ArcByte, Inc.

TEL: 1-877-656-9327
FAX: 1-304-263-0341



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